Sunday, 5 June 2011

Get Born - First Post- Umberto Espresso Bar

More pictures, less words. Hit the ground running. Original content, original photos is the key. Any no talent hack can re-post. My Leica M8 is my axe, man. My impeccable taste and eye will be my guide. Pictures will do (most) of the talking. And so it begins...

Umberto Espresso Bar
822 High Street
9484 8654
Wed to Sun

This is old school Italian. Think Felice's but with better food and less of a cemetery vibe. Run by the son with a special appearance by dad on the floor. Kudos to him for recognizing my Italian looks. I do look  like a young Pacino circa Godfather II.

The food. Nice breakfast/lunch/dinner options. The variety of the salumi plate was adequate - a nice starter. Good crunchy bread (think good Italian and thank god it wasn't Dench fucking sour dough), olive oil. Spaghetti marinara generous, decent prawns and some gusto with the added chilli oil. Overall, quite satisfactory.

Nice bite-sized canoli to finish- just big enough if you've had gastric banding. Genovese coffee to start and finish. In summary, worth heading over to the Beirut end of High Street for. I shall return.

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