Thursday, 16 June 2011

Monday Yum Cha at The Tai Pan

The Tai Pan. Queen's Birthday Holiday.

Number one for Yum Cha, in my opinion. Conceited food writers like The Age's Larissa Dubiousreviewer, seem to go gaga for the dumplings at The Red Emperor and its city contemporaries.

Forget it. This is the real deal. First session. Good from the get go. Double up. Triple up. Take no prisoners. Only more dumplings.

Yum Cha is all about the flavour. The colour. The frenzy.

And the egg tarts are still the best on the planet. Go back to your rancid little cafe, hipster and eat a stale Portuguese tart. And then choke on it.

Following photos with my Sony Cybershot. Left the Leica M8 at home. When you're eating Yum Cha, you need one hand to hold chopsticks, the other holding your axe.

The aftermath.

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