Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How to Dress for a Porterhouse (and even the Rib Eye)

Last Thursday night. Dinner at Rockpool. No pissing about. No women. No nonsense. No vegetarians. No vaginatarians either.

US GQ, several years ago, nailed it in one of their fashion spreads. Serious steak necessitates serious dressing. A suit in a dark colour is the only minimally satisfactory form of dress. Hipsters go home.

Bespoke shirt by Ascot Chang, dark navy silk knit tie by New and Lingwood, bespoke single button single breased midnight blue suit by William Yu (incredible blue satin lining inspired by one of Maxwell Smart's suits from an episode of Get Smart), white cotton pocket square by Paul Stuart (not visible), herringbone overcoat with velvet collar by Ted Baker (yeah, I know, but it's several years old and I do try and wear it at least once a year), leather gloves in overcoat pocket by Dunhill and finally, vintage GMT Master watch by Rolex of Geneva.

Black Selboune's by Crockett and Jones and Argyle socks. Close to perfection. The best ensemble so far this winter.

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