Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Monday Night Get Up - Dressing for Shannon

Monday night. Dinner at Vue De Monde, Normanby Chambers in the final week. Review of food to follow. Firstly, the important details - what I wore. It is no surprise that no one in Melbourne has the knowledge or flair required for modern dinner dressing. I was going to suit it up but had second thoughts so compromised with the tailored top half, jeans bottom half option. Of course, it worked oh so well. I looked smashing - the right combination of classical tailoring fused with casual elegance. I don't know how or why I manage to get it so right so often. I think it is just a gift.

Bespoke Prince of Wales jacket with blue window pane square by William Yu of Hong Kong, bespoke blue shirt by Ascot Chang of Hong Kong, dark navy silk knit tie by New and Lingwood, Tenugui pocket square from Cibi of Collingwood, fuck off incredible style by me.

Indigo jeans by Nobody, brown brogues by Barker Black of NYC. Both photos taken with Leica M8.

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