Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tuesday Get Up - Barbour Needed

Winter!! Besides snow, winter degustation menus and the crazily cold Antarctic winds, winter means dressing well. From casual layering to winter-weight suiting and overcoats, winter means a heightened level of style (for me at least). Tuesday day and night are the coldest Melbourne days in living memory for me. The evening was so cold I had to walk with my hands in my pockets (Dunhill gloves now out of storage). This for the day:

Jacket Barbour Bedale (interestingly New Zealand made, as opposed to British), Barbour synthetic fur liner, bespoke shirt by Ascot Chang, vintage navy blue woolen V neck, jeans by Nobody.

Selboune in brown by Crockett and Jones.

There is a great quote in Bernard Roetzel's Gentleman, the incomparable male style bible, where he mentions that a Barbour and the right wristwatch can be the passport to expressing great personal style, a subtle way of commanding respect from anybody in the know. He goes on to mention that it would be more acceptable to wear a Barbour, woolen pullover and jeans rather than wearing the incorrect black tie to a formal function. I kind of agree. Long live Barbour.

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